II Timothy 2:11 Here is a statement you can trust: If we have died with him, we will also live with him. 12 If we persevere, we will also rule with him If we disown him, he will also disown us. 13 If we are faithless, he remains faithful, for he cannot disown himself. 14 Keep reminding people of this, and charge them solemnly before the Lord not to engage in word-battles. They accomplish nothing useful and are a catastrophe for the hearers! 15 Do all you can to present yourself to God as someone worthy of his approval, as a worker with no need to be ashamed, because he deals straightforwardly with the Word of the Truth. 16 But keep away from godless babbling, for those who engage in it will only become more ungodly, 17 and their teaching will eat away at people like gangrene. Hymenaeus and Philetus are among these; 18 they have missed the mark, as far as the truth is concerned, by saying that our resurrection has already taken place; and they are overturning some people's faith. 19 Nevertheless, God's firm foundation stands, stamped with these words: "The Lord knows his own," and, "Let everyone who claims he belongs to the Lord stand apart from wrongdoing." CJB


Robots or Those Who Choose to Serve?

The following is an excerpt from Mama's Torah on page 88, with a gentle reminder at the end that we are all on different areas of our Journey....

As born-again Believers we need to bear good fruit, and we need to help bring restoration to the whole house of Israel.  We can best do that by walking in the wisdom of Torah.  However, our walk must reflect our New Covenant redemption in Messiah Yeshua, and be written on hearts by the Ruach. (Jer 31:31-33; Heb 8:10; 10:16)

We must realize that Abba does not want us to be obedient because it is mandated that we do so.  He wants us to choose Him.  That is what it means to be part of the "chosen" people; we are chosen to choose.  "Choose this day whom you will serve, O Israel" (Joshua 24:15) (Ex 19:4-6; Deut 4:37; 7:6-8; 10:15; 30:19; Jer 33:23-26; 1 Peter 1:1; 2:9)

Abba is not looking for puppets or robots, but for a people who delight to walk in His way.  He tells us to "Ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and you will find rest for your souls" (Jeremiah 6:16)

He wants us to delight in the Sabbath rest of our Messiah, so He can "make us ride on the heights of the earth," and "feed us with the heritage of Jacob" (Isaiah 58:1-14; Hebrews 4:1,9).

However, we must realize that His many children can be in various stages of learning about His ways.  We must not try to force-feed them truths He mercifully shows us, nor be condescending to them.  Messiah Yeshua did not treat us that way, but instead came to us in mercy.  We must do the same.
 In my own anger at being deceived, I tried to force-feed people the Truth as I learned more and more about the deception of "Christianity" (this doesn't speak about ALL Christians but the beliefs of the vast majority of lukewarm Christians)...but they weren't ready yet....I didn't understand enough of the Hebraic mindset to simply live the Truth and let others inquire after me.  I was still stuck in the Greek mindset that I must evangelize to everyone!  Oh that I didn't step on so many toes in my infancy!  I am STILL but a babe in my knowledge of Torah, but may He continue to guide me and correct me and lead me in His straight and narrow path.


  1. IT's hard not to be excited about what we are learning. There have been times I thought you were very pushy, but being where you were/are on different topics, I understand how exciting it is to suddenly understand what God is teaching you! So mostly I just took what you said as information and teaching. But then again, I was ready, or close to being ready. :)

  2. Been there. Done that. Don't want to do it again.


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